Culinary 3-course choice menu €42,50
(including appetizer)

You can make your own choice from one of the starters, main courses and desserts on the following pages.

Our main courses are served with matching garnishes and fries
with the famous local creamy mayonnaise.

Bread 2,75 each person
delicious sourdough bread from local bakery ‘Bakkerij Kaskes’,
served with two homemade dips


culinary 3-course menu (including appetizer) €42,50
starter ordered separately €12,50

Dutch oysters (5 pieces)
served with a classic vinaigrette of shallots and red wine vinegar

tartare of raw yellowfin tuna with wasabi mayonnaise, soy ‘caviar’,
radish, garlic crisp and grapefruit fibers

Beef carpaccio
thinly sliced raw beef wih curry-lime mayonnaise, cashew nuts, crispy rice, coriander and green peppers

House-smoked salmon
marinated in red beet and yoghurt, served with yellow beet, pickled cucumber, horseradish dressing and beet chips  

Chefs Landaise ‘sandwich’
smoked duck, duck rillette, 7 minutes egg, crispy fried duck cracklings,
walnuts, mustard-honey dressing, croutons and cherry tomatoes

Quiche (vegetarian)
with goat cheese, mushrooms and various vegetables,
served on a fennel salad with a roasted tomato sauce

Starters tasting ‘De Boekanier’ (+ €2,50)
delicious combination of various small starters

Main Course

culinary 3-course menu (including appetizer) €42,50
main course ordered separately €25,00

Irish beef tenderloin (+ €4,00)
served with a potato and celeriac gratin, celeriac salad, celery stalks with celery salt and a classic peppersauce

Guinea fowl
wrapped in smoked bacon, with ‘risotto’ of oats, corn and spring onions,
served with roasted bell pepper and a creamy sauce of roasted garlic  

Cod fillet
served with traditional Dutch ‘hutspot’ (mashed potatoes, carrots and onions) fried onions, sugared carrots and parsley sauce

Soles (+ €2)
three soles baked in butter with lemon,
served with raw vegetable salad and rösti of potato and onion

Beet Wellington (vegetarian)
beetroot wrapped in puff pastry with mushroom duxelles and parsley crêpe, served with beetroot sprouts, aged balsamic vinegar and arugula

Chateaubriand for 2 persons (+ €6,00 each person)    
400 grams of the largest and most beautiful part of the tenderloin,
served with a potato and celeriac gratin, celeriac salad, celery stalks with celery salt, classic peppersauce and Argentinian chimichurri


culinary 3-course menu (including appetizer) €42,50
dessert ordered separately €9,00

Chocolat combination
white chocolate parfait and dark chocolate mousse,
served with jelly of mint and nougatine crunch

Poached pear
with vanilla ice-cream, warm chocolate sauce and cookie crumble

Café Glacé
iced coffee made from cognac, cream and vanilla ice-cream,
according to Chef’s father’s recipe

Crema Catalana
Spanish version of the crème brûlée,
served with cinnamon ice-cream and a cookie of orange and cinnamon  

Pavlova with caramelized pineapple
with butterscotch ice-cream and vanilla sauce

Cheese board (+ €4)
tastefull selection of five domestic and foreign cheeses,
served with sweet onion jam and sticky dates bread
perfect combination with a glass of Colheita port + €6

Coffee special (+ €1,50)
ice truffle served with coffee / espresso / cappuccino / tea
and in addition a liquor of your choice

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