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English menu


served with homemade garlic mayonnaise and a delicious dip
of hummus and roasted pepper
€ 1,95 each person

Fried cheese spring rolls (V), 
served with homemade garlic mayonnaise (6 pieces)
€ 5,95

Fried prawns in a crispy crust,
served with spicy chili sauce (6 pieces)
€ 5,95

Chefs menu: 3 courses set menu,                                                                                                   
Besides all of our a la carte dishes, we are offering our guests a
delicious Chefs Menu. We like to tell you which dishes we are serving
in this special menu (or you can read this menu on the next page)..
€ 32,50

You can order each item seperately as well:
starters € 10,50 / main courses € 22,50 / desserts € 7,50


Do you have an allergy? Please let us know!

Tartare of yellowfin tuna,
with miso-ginger mayonnaise, emping crackers, soy tapioca pearls
€ 10,50

Salmon tartare,
tartare of raw and smoked salmon with green herbs sour cream,
served with a skewer of in cajun-spices baked prawns  
€ 10,50

Three preparations of goat cheese (V),                                                  
‘baklava’ of goat cheese with honey, nuts and filo pastry,
nougat of goat cheese and a fried croquette of goat cheese, served with balsamic syrup
€ 10,50

BBQ spare ribs (without bones),
with spicy sambal, spring onions and crispy fried white cabbage
€ 10,50

Beef carpaccio,
very thin sliced raw beef fillet with balsamic dressing, pine seeds,
rocket salad, sun dried tomatoes, Pecorino cheese and a chips of lotus root
€ 10,50

You can also order this dish as a big salad (main course size),
served with bread and garlic mayonnaise
€ 17,50

Soup of today,
ask us which delicious soup we have made today
€ 6,50

Starters tasting,
variation of 4 different starters
€ 12,50

Between the courses:

refreshing drink between the starter and main course,
made of prosecco, vodka and lemon sorbet ice-cream
€ 6,00

Do you have any allergy? Please let us know!

Main dishes

Meat dishes

Lamb (on the bone),
slowly cooked in the oven so very tender en juicy,
served with honey – thyme gravy
€ 23,50
Oriental marinated duck breast,
served with soy – sesame sauce and a vegetables spring roll
€ 22,50

Black Angus steak,
marbled beef with a juicy structure and fantastic taste,
served with a sauce of choice *
€ 22,50

Beef tenderloin,
the best and most tender part of the beef,
served with a sauce of choice *
€ 24,50                  

Chateaubriand (for 2 persons, at least 400 grams),
largest and most beautiful part of the beef,
served with a sauce of choice *
€ 25,95 each person  

Chicken satay,
marinated chicken served with homemade peanut sauce,
fried onions, prawn crackers and coleslaw
2 skewers € 17,50
3 skewers € 19,50

You can choose between these delicious warm sauces:
* peppercorn sauce
* gorgonzola (blue cheese) sauce
* port - rosemary sauce

We serve all our main dishes with vegetable garnish and fresh fries with the famous local Zaanse mayonnaise.
If you like an extra side dish, you can order a small side salad.
€ 3,95

Fish dishes

We serve only the best and most beautiful fresh fishes, directly from our local fish market in Volendam. If you like to know something more about our fishes and their origin: just ask us, we are very pleased to inform you!

Cod fish fillet,                                                                                    
baked cod fish served witch a sauce of our famous local mustard  
€ 22,50

Salmon roll,
salmon fillet stuffed with homemade tomato pesto and wrapped with Serrano ham
€ 22,50

Fish combination,
combination of cod fish fillet, salmon roll and a big Black Tiger prawn
€ 24,50

Vegetarian dishes

Stuffed sweet potato (V),
puffed sweet potato, stuffed with vegetarian minced meat,
cheese and chipotle sauce and a topping of homemade guacamole,
served with a salad of bulgur, feta cheese en pomegranates
€ 19,50

Red wine risotto (V),
served with in tempura fried crispy mushrooms, rocket salad
and a chip of Parmesan cheese
€ 18,50

We serve all our main dishes with vegetables garnish and fresh fries with the famous local Zaanse mayonnaise.
If you like an extra side dish, you can order a small side salad.
€ 3,95


Citrus trifle,
weckjar filled with layers fresh orange, lemoncurd, spiced biscuit,
a mix of whipped cream and mascarpone and meringue
€ 7,50

White chocolate mousse,
served with homemade chocolate ‘salami’
€ 7,50

Salted caramel lava cake,
warm chocolate pie with a liquid core of salted caramel,
served with vanilla ice-cream
€ 8,00

Crème brûlée,
smooth cream of vanilla with a caramelized sugar
layer on top, served with butterscotch ice-cream
€ 7,50

Fried coconut ice-cream,
served with pineapple compote and mint sauce
€ 7,50

Dame blanche,
vanilla ice-cream with homemade warm chocolate sauce
and whipped cream
€ 7,50

refreshing drink of lemon sorbet ice-cream, prosecco and vodka
€ 6,00

Cheese board,
selection of five national and international cheeses,
served with raisins-nuts bread and homemade vig compote
€ 11,50

perfect match with a glass Colheita port
€ 5,95

Coffee & liquor & ice cream treat,
ice-truffle served with coffee or tea of your choice
and one of our liquors of your choice
€ 9,00


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